Big August ’16 photo update on the house progress – Post 1 – site work

I am slightly behind because I unexpectedly ended up working last Sunday and didn’t have time to put up a post.  I am gulping down coffee this morning because we had an absolute cracking large thunderstorm last night.  Lots of thunderbolts – I am pretty sure that at least one fell nearby because the was barely a quarter second or less difference between the bolt and the thunder.  No damage to the house or electronics fortunately

At my house, a ton of very visible stuff has been done – so lots and lots of pictures!  We are not quite complete with some plumbing, electrical and lighting still to do.  But lots and lots of site work.

The site guy Paul has is an absolute artist – he has done a fabulous job.  I have already gotten feedback from neighbors who have commented on how nicely the finished driveway has come out.  A smooth build up of layers, topped off with gravel (crush-and-run?).  He added in a cross driveway water drain in case it gets REALLY wet and very, very nicely built up the whole thing.  Apparently in a wet winter, the end of where my driveway is now historically was a puddle of epic proportions.  I think that we have alleviated  this pretty well.  Such a clean job – nice!

The propane tanks are now in and mounted, with a buried line to the generator.  The kitchen backsplash is installed and looks great.  The island overhead lighting system is mostly done – just pending the installation of the LED lights.  The second in floor electrical outlet is roughed in too.  Still to come is the toilet in the master bath.  We are getting close as the final items tick off

Ok – pictures of the outside site work


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