337 Bedford Road – House number is up!

Thanks to Moda Industria the house number is up!  You may have seen my prior post about the house number – sorry if that was confusing as I used a generic picture of the STYLE of house number I was going to use but not my actual number or color.  Because there is so much red and orange on the exterior of the house, and the number by definition needs to draw the eye towards it, I went with Capri Blue powder coating.  I think it looks great and Paul, yet again, did a great job mounting it

The number itself is very heavy duty and weighs in over 15 pounds I would guess (10 at least).  I really like the floating layer

In other news, things continue to progress.  Bathroom fixtures continue towards completion – but are hard to photograph.    The first 3 (of 4) shots below are of the master bath with the walk in shower.  The last shot is closest to what you see in person when you are there.  I think the accent stripe of pumpkin tile really worked well to break up the monolithic white tile.  The last photo is the guest bath/tub combo

It has cooled off a bit here and I have started working on my new computer nook table.  Milling some custom aluminum myself for this furniture item.  Shots soon hopefully of that 🙂

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