Picture heavy post after missing a week of posts

I was wrapped up last weekend in doing work trying to continue momentum for my occupancy permit and I never got around to posting anything.

All permits are complete, except for the occupancy permit. The Carlisle Fire Chief has requested that the we fill in some gaps in the documentation around the common drive way due to what appears to have been some gaps in what was passed to him from the prior Chief.  We have rounded all of that up except for the documentation that the maintenance agreement for the driveway has been maintained.  Stamski and McNary has agreed to do the inspection and provide documentation.  Their commentary was that:

  1. The sight line for inbound fire trucks along Bedford Road was blocked by my new mailbox (which it was doing but I had not noticed),
  2. The brush had encroached a bit on the driveway and
  3. There was no house number at the point where my driveway split off from the common driveway.

Last weekend I resolved all three.  To simplify things, I completely removed the mailbox (I will get a PO box or continue to have mail sent to my parent’s place and figure something out later if I get a mailbox out in the future).  Then I trailered over the Billy Goat brush hog and chewed through the blackberry bushes.  Finally, Dad and I got a 4×4 pressure treated post, a post hole digger and some house numbers and I installed that.  Fingers crossed this is the last item before the final permit

Last week we also took my Dad’s old racing shell (which had de-laminated) over to Ted Van Dusen for repairs and donation to a youth rowing group in Holeyoke along the Connecticut River.  Ted runs Composite Engineering and they build a lot of the racing boats for a LOT of Olympic teams.  A run down place on the outside but amazing on the inside.  Definitely different from our place!


In other news, Paul’s team laid down coat 3 of 3 on the hardwood floor, pulled the tools and stuff from the workshop, is working through their punch list – AND – this weekend, did the final layout of the loam for the lawn.  This includes laying out the large rocks along the property line between me and Kimball’s.  It looks great!!

Before shots of the shop and looking at the “front yard”

Now here is what things look like on the outside after this weekend’s worth of work

And on the inside things are truly wonderful

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