Happy 4th of July, 2016

Hello all and happy 4th of July!

I am enjoying a mellow holiday weekend in Carlisle.  The weather is very nice (low eighties with a fair amount of wind so it is very pleasant outside).  It has been dry this spring so it actually feels like August.  I and my parent’s are still shaking off at various speeds the spring cold/flu we caught.  It is annoyingly long lived.

Did some mowing up along the stone walls along the street yesterday and went over to take a look at the house.  Things there are progressing visibly.  The rear steps have railings now but I forgot to take a picture of them.  On the interior, the back splash materials arrived and Paul has mocked up the placement of the overhead lighting system for the island.  Soon apparently the site guy will be onsite to finish the grading and do hydro-seeding.  Maybe as soon as next week?

Below are some pictures of Old Home Day from last week that I pulled down from the Carlisle Mosquito online.  Looks like a fun time – next year I will be able to walk over and not have to deal with parking problems – so I will probably go.

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