Spring, wonderful spring…. urrr – what?

Spring is taking its sweet time showing up in Carlisle this year – it is not particularly unusual for things to be snowy, cold or unsettled in March – but this year we have had 3 Nor’Easters in the first 10 days of the month and a near miss on a fourth.  Right now it is changing back and forth between snow and rain this morning (Sunday) – but nothing should come of it.

The 2nd storm was problematic – a LOT of heavy wet snow that came down overnight and stuck literally like glue to the trees.  I was out at 5:15am trying to clear the driveway of downed limbs with my ax (which took over an hour to chop and haul stuff away).  As the sun came up, some breeze started stirring up and it was like fireworks going off in the woods – about every 30 seconds you could hear a limb or a tree exploding and coming down.  On the trees that were still whole and just bent over the driveway, I whacked what I could with my ax (with the leather sheath on it) or pulled on them to shake the snow off – it was very difficult – the snow was glued on.

So – lots of trees down, lots of heavy snow.  lots of firewood available soon 🙂

My work has been getting very crazy – so apologies for my handful of regular readers for the lack of updates.  We have been working on a 3 way internal merger of subsidiaries.  10 days ago we added another 2 – so we are doing a five way smash together/tease it apart all at the same time.  I have been telling folks at work – if you like working on projects, this is project management Valhalla – work, work, work everywhere you can see!

Pictures below of snow storms – at the very bottom are three from February that include the delivery of the Shepherd’s Hut wheels from the UK

March 8th storm – pictures of the Granary Burial Ground near Boston Common

the March 13/14th storm – about the same snow level, but HEAVY and on the coast, very windy




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