Clearing snow, fooling around with photos

My dad and I tag teamed on clearing snow – we decided not tackle things from 2 days ago yesterday because it was so windy. ¬†Today was negative ten degrees below zero (-10 below ūüôā ¬†on the porch -when the sun was shining on the porch.

We got the snow blower going and cleared the walk, the car parking spots, widened the driveway, cleared the mailbox for the mail and dressed up the exit to the street because with the snow banks now head high, it is hard to see out for oncoming traffic.

Below is the finished product and ready for the next storm.  It was pretty cold Рthe blowing snow (very dry fine champagne powder) froze my scarf completely solid Рas well as my fleece mittens.  One of two scarves I got for Christmas served me well!  (the other is in San Francisco Рstaged for my jaunt east in a month or so).  Best Made makes some good stuff Рmy cheeks were cold when I had a 1/2 inch of snow frozen to them Рbut the areas where I had my scarf were toasty!

Carlisle_snow 008  Carlisle_snow 001

Carlisle_snow 011  Carlisle_snow 010


Other stuff we did today was discuss the merits of standby generator sets – the pluses and minuses of a propane system or a diesel based system. ¬†Propane/LP seems WAY more prevalent, but I am leery of having gases around when I intend on doing a lot of hot work in my shop (blacksmithing, welding etc…). ¬†Having a big gas tank nearby under pressure makes me a little leery.

Finally – Tenley (my S.i.L.) graciously gave me a number of photos to use here on my blog – I’ve got one up on the header right now. ¬†I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. ¬†Her website is here¬†

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