Short construction update after a lot of business travel

I just got back last night from San Francisco where we had our annual Disaster Recovery exercise and our next year strategic planning offsite (sort of heel to toe on those) – however, both went really, really well so the lack of sleep was definitely worth it.  I have been laying low today (plus it is on and off again drizzling here)

Paul and his team have been making progress however and we went over to take a look.

Upcoming is the final decision on the metal roof color, the hood over the kitchen cooking surface and the brick work for the fireplace.  As far as roof color goes, the roof manufacturer is Everlast Roofing and I really like the Brite White.  It looks good, will have the minimum heat loading and will match the barn next door – so very site specific

I haven’t figured out the cooking hood yet but the brick looks great.  Paul and I just need to confer and keep him on track 🙂

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