Weekend update 2 – appliance decisions and other stuff

A bare bones update – more of a list of things that I have decided on or need to finalize with Paul tomorrow morning.

New London Style Pizza is waiting – so this is going to be fast


Everlast 24 Gauge Architectural Series – color:  SIERRA TAN

Appliances: – all from the great folks at Hunter Appliance (they were excellent.  They have a very, very good service department so they can really speak to how well does a product install, run and service.  Reliability is important to me so we oriented that way and did a lot of mix and match of manufacturers).  Many, many thanks to my salesman Howie – he really took the time to listen and took the time to explain why he was recommending each item.

  1. GE built in single wall oven.  Model JT3000SFSS  (in chrome)
  2. GE Profile microwave (to go with the wall oven)  model PEB7226SFSS  (in chrome)
  3. GE Trim kit for the microwave to match the oven   model JX72230FSS   (in chrome)
  4. Bosch 500 series dishwasher, pocket handle, with 3 racks (24″)  model SHP65TL5UC   (in chrome)
  5. KitchenAid 22 cubic foot, 33 inch full depth refrigerator.  Right hand hinge door    model KRBR102ESS  (in chrome)
  6. KitchenAid 30″, 4 element cooktop with central down draft ventilation.  This was not onsite when we were there – they had just sold their last one.  However, this link here shows basically the same thing.   model KECD807xBL   ( all black – no chrome surround)
  7. SpeedQueen washing machine – top loader  – not sexy or elegant but the only choice if you want reliable AND a top loader according to Hunter.  They said it is this or go European front loader.  Model  AWN432SP113TW0  (white)
  8. SpeedQueen electric dryer – the reliability matched pair  🙂   model ADE3SRGS173TW0   (white)

Plumbing Fixtures (bathroom and kitchen).

Paul really recommended Symmons as very good value for your money.  I went to their sight online and like the styling just as well as the Kohler that I had previously bookmarked – so I have replaced Symmons items when their is a product line match with Kohler (Kohler does a lot of extra things as well like sinks)

  1. Symmons ORIGIN series for the bath
    1. single handle lavatory faucet – one for each bath  – model S-9612-1.5 in chrome
    2. Origins Tub/Shower/Hand Shower system for the guest bath – model 9606-PLR  in chrome
    3. the master bath is going to have a walk in shower and I want a rain system as well as a regular hand shower system – I am unsure of the mix and match up – but the rain shower head I am looking at is the 12″  2.5 gallon per minute Symmons   – in chrome
  2. Symmons ORIGIN series for the kitchen
    1. Single handle faucet with separate sprayer.  Model S-23-3  in chrome
  3. Kohler bathroom
    1. San Raphael elongated toilet (concealed trapway, gravity flush, elongated bowl and 1.6 gallons per flush).  Model K-3466 in white
  4. Kohler kitchen
    1. Kohler undermount single sink – a system really with an elegant stacking system – expensive but practical.  Model K-5540

Other stuff to talk to the electrician about tomorrow morning

Light switches – rocker switches seems to be the way everyone is going these days.  Some interesting advances here

Hallway and other public locations switches

  1. Hubbell Wiring RSD115ILW tradeSelect® Illuminated Two Position Decorator Quiet Switch  – this is a rocker switch that when turned off, also functions as a night light – so you can find the switch in the dark.  This would be annoying in your bedroom but great in the hallway, bathroom and the public spaces of the house
  2. Wiring the living room for ceiling lights and fan(s).  I am worried it will get very hot at the top of the ceiling (I am not sure where the make up air intake will be for the furnace?).   Lighting up there will be some sort of track lighting.   As far as fans go – I am looking at these:  the Big Ass Fans,  Haiku series – in polished aluminum
  3. For electrical outlets & random stuff – that will be a discussion with the electrician – but I, if possible my “would like to have” list of things and other randoms is below
    1. 4 way receptacles – since every wall receptacle seems to instantly acquire a power strip to be able to service more items
    2. flood lights outside
    3. external power receptacles in the car port (garage side)
    4. some capacity for network Cat6 cabling
    5. a home base for electronics in the garage or pantry?  aka – server room
    6. in floor receptacles scattered across the great room.  Like the Hubbell SystemOne Floor boxes for wood floors.
    7. the potential to run multiphase power in the garage for MIG welding using medium duty welders


Finally – cabinetry

Paul has two designers and I like portions of each one of their designs – but the change from a ventilation hood to a down draft system has created possibilities – I have some ideas that I want to discuss for the cooktop island.  I am bringing a copy of my book Atomic Ranch – mid century interiors to the site tomorrow 

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