Fall 2015 in Carlisle – a short construction update and other things

Fall has started to arrive in Carlisle and it is a misty Saturday here.  Things are continuing to move apace at the job site.  As you can see below in the pictures, things have moved forward quite quickly during the week, with lots of progress on the electrical, sprinkler system, fireplace and the cedar siding – all moving simultaneously.

I did a mid-week update here.  Below is a latter shot my Dad took (the date stamped photo) and the rest are from today, Saturday 10/3.  You can see how things are really moving along!

On the way home, we stopped in at the new Clark Farm Stand which is only a few hundred yards down the street (on the way to the center of town).  I wanted to see the ‘new’ barrels that they have in the shop – they are made with wooden hoops, possibly very similar to the type that was milled on my property back in the day.  The Farm Stand is a great place – very cool post and beam structure and lots of really fresh ingredients, food and what not.  Here is a link to the Farm Stand website – it is an extension of the rejuvenated Clark Farm that has kept the name of Guy Clark, even though he passed away a number of years ago.

Finally, I remembered that I had some shots I took last weekend when my Dad and I went to go look at the dam at Greenough Pond.   The Greenough Land is a very large conservation parcel (200+ acres) owned by the Carlisle Conservation Foundation (a conservation non-profit that also owns the abutting land next to my parent’s house).  My parents were involved in this purchase in 1973.  I remember as a kid, helping Peter Webster (he and his family lived there at the time and were farming it.) bring in the hay from the fields several times.  I have a very strong memory of riding across the top of the dam  on the fender of his John Deere tractor with other kids scattered all over and several large loads of hay bales on the trailer – we were heading to the old barn across the pond.  This barn is still there, probably thanks to its slate roof, but is pretty beat up now since it has not been in use for several decades – the town has recently decided to tear it down.   But a really special property and I have a LOT of great memories of hunting for frogs and turtles here as well as hoisting hay bales, jumping from the rafters into giant hay piles and just enjoying the summer.

I have also included a snipped picture of what the Barn used to look like – from the cover of the very interesting (at least to the locals – lol) retrospective of The Mosquito.  If you are reading this and are not from Carlisle, The Mosquito is the local town newspaper – its very name gives you a good idea of the local proportions of dry land vs wetlands!


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