Big house update

It has been a few weeks since I last posted.  I have been travelling a fair bit and lots has gotten done

First off and exciting – the Geothermal system is installed and running.  With that up and going, Paul was able to bring the house up to full temperature and get the floor and trim to all acclimatize and stabilize over a period of a week.  The red oak flooring and trim are now installed and look absolutely great!  This includes wonderful oak heating/cooling floor vent registers that just cleanly blend in.

Interestingly, with the hardwood floors in, the house feels a light quieter and softer from an acoustic perspective.


We made final decisions on flooring for the entryway and the bathrooms based on the samples Paul got.  We are going with the Home Depot Montauk Black slate in 12×24″ size for the full entry, utility room, laundry room and pantry as well as the bathroom floors.  The bath tile in the master bath is Ice White Home Depot Daltile (3×6″ subway) in a stacked pattern (no overlap from one course to the next) and an octagon flooring.  We are going to have an orange/pumpkin accent color strip running horizontally around the bath at around the inset soap dish level – to break up the pure white look.

Atlantic Industrial Models sent to me the CAD design for the I-Beam machine work and I signed off on it – it looks great and I can’t wait to see the results in person!.  They should be cutting metal very soon – which means we can pick it up soon and the kitchen island can progress

My parent’s and I went over to Wolfers Lighting and picked out all the fixed lighting fixtures/product and paid for it all in one fell swoop.  It should be really great!  I did purchase a couple of special order items from Hubbardton Forge – a local Vermont Blacksmith lighting fixture company.  Fantastic craftsmanship and design aesthetic.

What I ordered from them:

I also got LOTS of track lighting for both the house and the shop.  It will run along the main beams in the house and some 64′ of track along the full length of the 3 walls in the shop.  This should provide a lot of task lighting there.


Finally here are some outdoor shots with new angles

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