Doings around Carlisle and house update

I was in California last week so a bit late on posting

Prior to going to San Francisco, my parent’s and I took a walk along Two Rod Road in advance of the incoming snow storm Sunday evening (still was a bit squishy).  Two Rod Road heads off toward’s Concord, passing by Punkatasset hill before making for Concord proper.  We set off from the Malcolm Meadows parking area and even though it is spring time, it managed to look fairly ‘Spooky Hollow” forbidding.

According to the trail guide published here, Two Rod Road was built to service the Blood family – who settled the part of Carlisle where my new house is and they where the family that built the sawmill in 1660 that is on my property.

“Two Rod Road and Estabrook Road:

There are two roads within Estabrook Woods that connect Concord with Carlisle to the north . Two Rod Road was built about 1697 at the request of James Blood of Carlisle so that he would have a road from his house to Concord. It was built within a right-of-way between two stone walls set 33 feet (two rods) apart. In 1735, a second, better-known road was built from Concord to Carlisle, the Old Carlisle Road which became the Estabrook Road. This road, really a cart trail, was the route used by Minutemen from Carlisle and elsewhere to join the fight at Concord, April 19, 1775. It is the only known Minuteman route-of-march that remains in its original condition. “

A nice walk – but you could definitely feel the snow in the air – a raw day

Goings on at the house are exciting and picking up speed.  The slate floors are all in as of the end of last week and Paul is planning on starting the sanding of the oak floors tomorrow (Monday).  The slate and the tile look great.  Atlantic Industrial Models was doing machine work on the I-Beam last Friday – so it should be finished Monday or Tuesday.  My Dad is going to pick that up as well this week.

Great stuff!

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