Building a house is like building a sand dribble castle at the beach

About 10 years ago, I was heavily involved in building out our office space in San Francisco (about 96,000 square feet).  This is in a large downtown office tower and it was bare concrete floors and completely empty floor to ceiling on 4.5 floors – so about 22K square feet per floor.  Our architects were great and the space came out very nice while still being cost effective.  An interesting take away I got from that experience is that EVERYTHING is a decision and those decisions build on each other – like dribbling sand at the beach to make a dribble castle.  Every decision is dependent on the small little decisions that you made earlier.  We are at a stage now on my house project that this is really clear

Not a whole lot has obviously happened since the last post – but things are staged for an explosion of obvious progress.  Specifically, take a look at the photos below.

Blue tape is on the cabinets showing where the door pulls will be.  Dribble-dribble. The I-Beam is now in place (temporarily tacked down with generic screws).  Each cut, mount hole, size of the plate, the under beam mounting blocks were things that we discussed and mulled over and finally made a decision about – all oriented on how to give good leg room under the counter surface while still providing the support needed for the counter itself – and look good?  Dribble-dribble.   This is not a unique or an original observation obviously – but it struck me particularly yesterday when I was visiting just because there are so many decisions that have been taken but not fully put into action on display.

Things that are prepped and pending

  • A lot of the appliances have arrived – the dishwasher and cooktop are in the house (still in their boxes)
  • The door pulls are marked out
  • The master bath tiling looks about to start (materials are here).
  • Plumbing fixtures are showing up and getting prepped
  • Light fixtures are onsite and ready for installation
  • Templates have been made for the counter tops (cutouts for the sink, cooktop etc…) and the counter tops are in progress
  • Surface treatment (3 coats ultimately) is partially complete – the bedrooms are at 2 coats, main public area is at 1 coat

All in all – there should be a lot of good stuff show off soon – built off of all the little prep work that Paul and his team have been putting so much effort into these past few weeks.  The house is looking just fantastic  🙂

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