Summer Solstice is right around the corner

Good morning – A couple of days till the summer solstice and summer is definitely here.

I was down and out last weekend due to the flu – so this is a bit of a catch up post, I didn’t feel very creative last week!

Things are moving into the home stretch at the house – the Carlisle Tax Assessor sent me a letter with a form to fill out (by month end) indicating how many bits and pieces are complete on the house (septic, foundation, insulation…).  The town’s fiscal year starts in July I think and they want to start collecting more taxes I suppose.  I am going to leave a copy of the form with Paul to fill out – it is basic YES/NO – is this complete or not type stuff.

Speaking of which, detail work is continuing and is very coordination/schedule driven I think.  The flooring guys came in and did a 2nd coat on the floor – which looks fantastic.  The lighting fixture for over the island is coming together – the beechwood box is onsite and also looks REALLY good.  Diane, my project manager at Deck House, noted to me that Paul is really good with built-ins when we were introduced and it is definitely true – you rock AND roll Paul!

Bathrooms are coming along and very close to finished.  I also saw this weekend that the last two exterior light fixtures from Hubbarton Forge appear to be onsite in their boxes – waiting for installation.

Things I still need to do but have been backlogged (at work, this is the busiest time of the year for us.  Friday was a big push and month end coming up.  All went well this week)

  1. Get the stone carver lined up to carve the house number on the granite post out by the mailboxes.  I think we are going to have Acton Monument do the work – but haven’t called them yet.  They appear to do mainly headstone engraving – which is obviously a lot of onsite work when adding ‘beloved spouse…” to a headstone already installed.
  2. Get a mailbox and post installed out by Bedford Road
  3. Get my butt in gear and get my internet equipment purchased.  This is what I am looking at getting the Cradlepoint Wireless Router with a Yagi antenna – getting in touch with their Mass. sales team is challenging since we keep playing phone tag.
  4. Get kitchen backsplash designed and ordered.  I pulled measurements yesterday.  I think I going with a stainless steel system from Commerce Metals online – stainless in the SANDTEX finish (scroll to the bottom) to minimize streaks.  We use some aluminum foil and masking tape to mock it up and it looked really good color/texture wise on the wall.
  5. LOTS of other stuff – but these are the critical path items at the moment.

I hope you all are enjoying your summer weekend.  Now some more coffee and to plan my next San Francisco trip



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