Start of a new year – 2017 in Carlisle

The holidays have been a busy but fortunately not very stressful time.  To catch up, the town came through with my occupancy permit and Paul has mostly finished his punch list items.  Armstrong Hearth & Home (from New Hampshire) came down and used an industrial vacuum system to pull any and all dust from the vents in the house (mostly just drywall dust – but still glad to have it out before moving in!).  The movers came last Thursday and very, very efficiently moved all my stuff out of my storage locker and over to the house.  Because it was snowing/raining on Thursday, we asked them to put the furniture in the house and everything else into the garage.  Worked out great!

During the New Year’s weekend, my parent’s very, very graciously offered to help unbox and alphabetize my books (which if you know me, is a large percentage of my “stuff”).  I focused on carrying the boxes in from the garage and they unboxed and sorted out all the paperbacks.  The larger art/coffee table books are staying in their boxes till I have more shelf space arranged.  I did manage to put up one shelving system and it looks really good – it is from and is the same system my parent’s have in their house – an aluminum track and then bar stock that is infinitely adjustable up and down in the track as supports for the shelves.  I put it in next to where my computer is going to go – just off the kitchen.

We also went bed shopping this weekend and I ordered a no-frills bed and mattress set – nice and firm and not any extras (which usually are making it softer and I don’t really enjoy those).  It should be delivered Friday – my parent’s again are going to help out and be there to meet the delivery folks – thank you again!

The next step is going to be to get some shelving for under the north windows and get the books off the floor and get the rest of the stuff out of the garage – from there, build a work bench and get constructing on the rest of the furniture.  🙂

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