Recent trip to California

I just got back from a short trip to California.  Besides normal things like meeting up with friends, checking in on things in the office, we had a work BBQ.  8 folks from our office in Pune India are over visiting for training and the team self organized a wonderful BBQ at Shadow Cliffs Recreation Area in Pleasanton, CA.  I think it is a re-use of a former gravel pit (there is a cement and gravel company up the road).  A wonderful place for families – there is a swim area with full lifeguard support that very gradually goes out into the lake and the water is warm.

We had about 60 people show up and I was so busy chatting and flipping burgers and dogs on the grill, I forgot to take any people shots.  All I personally took was when I took a brief walk to check out the rest of the lake

Coming back to New England was a bit of a shock.  May 2017 was the 5th wettest month on record and was cold (40’s and 50’s mostly).  When I left for California it was mid forties – stepping out of the airport on my return, it was 97 degrees and very humid.  Driving home (around 5:00pm at this point) – I was heading south on Rte 95 when I passed through a thunderstorm.  Sheeting down rain and in 1/3 of a mile the temperature dropped from 98 degrees to 81 degrees!  The storm was only 1 mile wide and then the temp shot back up again on the other side.  Very weird!

Summer is finally coming!

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