Rainy January Sunday

It is rather warm today (low 40’s) and raining rather hard.  This is a good thing since it is erasing the ice that has been coating our driveway since Christmas.  Long term, I would like to see snow so that we can go Nordic skiing – but getting rid of the pond ice on the ground is going to be really nice.

Meanwhile, on the house front, we are in a bit of lull.  HVAC/Geothermal installer has been dealing with a personal family issue and has not been able to finish the installation.  Paul is waiting for the heating system to come online so he can get the house heated and the interior wood/structure up to temperature and stabilized before moving to the finish work (floor and tile work).  With this lull, Paul is taking advantage and going out on a cruise – nice and well deserved vacation!

Paul and I spoke on Friday and we made some decisions

1)      The steps down from the carport – we are going to do an upgrade from bare concrete to sliced stone / veneer stone that will be similar in look to the front

2)      Move the tentative location of the propane tanks from behind the garage to over along the side by the generator.  Code requires 10’ of space between the generator and the tanks – if there is not room along the wall between the generator and the electric meter, then the thought is to move the tanks away from the wall towards the septic.  Depending on how things work out, I will disguise the look with shrubs or something if the tanks stick out like a sore thumb

3)      The driveway electrical positions, Paul will have the electricians install all weather electrical sockets and I will figure out what to do with them latter. I will put in lights (with remote sensor at the driveway head) at some point – I am just not sure what they will be just yet – I am concerned about snow plowing and haven’t figured the style out yet….

Meanwhile, the window seat and more kitchen cabinetry has been installed.  The front door has arrived onsite and the master bath walk in shower is getting roughed out.

On the personal front, my Dad and I were going to go see Star Wars, The Force Awakens but all the theaters around here were sold out for the entire weekend – we couldn’t purchase seats.  So instead, I have been working on trying to design a couch/sofa design.  More on that later when I have it figured out – however, in general, I realized that a seating area facing the window seat would be great – another way to take advantage of the view.

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