And yet more bragging about a relative

Good morning all –

It is a fine Sunday morning here in Carlisle and I have a nice cup of coffee in hand while I surf the internet and listen to music from Firephly – aka my sister-in-law Meghan.  I have done a couple of brag posts about my other sister-in-law Tenley and my Mom – those were more event driven.  This time, I just thought I would share the good stuff Meghan has been doing for a quite awhile – since I was late at posting her latest album release on .  When the family was visiting Carlisle this past summer, Meghan used a digital recorder to capture some outdoor sounds, which I think made it into her latest album Rhythm & Development

I really like listening to it early in the morning with coffee in hand – a quiet start of the day.  My favorite tracks are

  1. Rain Game
  2. Eye on the Prize
  3. Exploding with Happiness

what are yours?

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